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Hamlet BioPharma, the innovative pharmaceutical company, with a strong portfolio of projects, for the treatment of cancer and infections, is featured in this weekend issue of The Guardian

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Hamlet BioPharma was selected by Media Planet, the media agency for The Guardian, to be featured in the Health Awareness campaign, BLADDER AND BOWEL HEALTH, given the innovative work conducted by the company.

The advertorial is published in The Guardian on June 20th. The text describes Hamlet BioPharmas progress in four key areas:

  1. Bladder Cancer: New drug candidate can improve therapy in bladder cancer patients.
  2. Bladder Pain Syndrome: Molecular insights can relieve severe symptoms in patients with chronic bladder pain syndrome.
  3. Immunotherapy/Antimicrobial Resistance: How to potentially treat bacterial infections — but without using antibiotics.
  4. Colon Cancer: Intestinal health may be improved by a protein complex, originally from human milk.

Click the link at the end of each session to read the published article.

‘‘We are honored to be featured in this Guardian campaign, which concerns key health issues in large patient groups’’, says Catharina Svanborg, Professor and Founder of Hamlet BioPharma.

’The theme of this issue is directly relevant for Hamlet BioPharma and the text illustrates our dynamic project portfolio. Three of Hamlet BioPharma’s projects are highlighted, together with an advance from Lund University”, says Martin Erixon, CEO of Hamlet BioPharma.

Please read the full article in The Guardian here:


About The Guardian

Guardian Media Group ( is amongst the world’s leading media organizations with a progressive, global, audience and is one of the largest English-speaking quality news websites in the world. It is also one of the leading national newspapers in the UK and internationally.

About Hamlet BioPharma

Hamlet BioPharma is an innovative biotechnology company that develops scientific discoveries into drugs for the treatment of cancer and infections. The goal is to address unmet medical needs in large patient groups in need of improved cancer treatments or alternatives to antibiotics. The company is leveraging highly innovative scientific discoveries and an extensive IP portfolio, to take these innovative drugs through mechanistic and preclinical phases, through the development of drug production technology to the clinic.


For more information, please contact

Catharina Svanborg, Chairman of the Board, Hamlet BioPharma AB, +46 709 42 65 49

Martin Erixon, CEO, Hamlet BioPharma AB, +46 733 00 43 77

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