A central goal of cancer therapy is to selectively target the tumor and minimize toxicity for healthy tissue. Hamlet Biopharma is developing new therapeutic solutions for targeting and killing tumor cells with greater precision. Alpha1H is one of Hamlet Biopharma’s main drug candidates. Alpha1H is a synthetically manufactured peptide in complex with oleic acid and an efficient anti-tumor drug candidate for the treatment of bladder cancer and brain tumors.

Bladder cancer

In patients with bladder cancer, Alpha1H has been shown to target the tumors, without harming healthy tissues in treated patients. Bladder cancer is common, treatment is costly and often inefficient and there is a great need for new therapies.

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Brain Tumor

In early studies, HAMLET was shown to delay the progression of brain tumors. Alpha1H is now being evaluated for the treatment of brain tumors, using groundbreaking technology to deliver drugs into the central nervous system.

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The drug candidate Alpha1H kills tumor cells quickly and selectively and shows strong anti-cancer effects in animal models of and patients with bladder cancer.

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Mechanism of cell death

Controlling cancer cell death is essential to design new therapies with improved specificity. Alpha1H triggers apoptosis-like death in cancer, which promises to achieve treatment with few side effects.

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