Drug Candidates

HAMLET is the first member in a new and expanding family of lipid-bound partially unfolded proteins with tumoricidal activity and offers an interesting new tool in tumor biology. The second-generation drug candidate Alpha1H, is a synthetic peptide-lipid complex originating from the HAMLET molecule. The third member in Hamlet Pharmas family of drug candidates is BAMLET, which is a protein-lipid complex where the protein (alpha-lactalbumin) comes from bovine milk. 

Our present drug candidates, Alpha1H and BAMLET, has strong tumoricidal effects and represent an entirely new class of cancer drugs with the potential to revolutionize cancer treatment.

Hamlet Pharmas strong clinical trial program includes Alpha1H for stand-alone use in bladder cancer patients. Alpha1H is also under development for the treatment of brain tumors (Glioblastoma) in the central nervous system (CNS). BAMLET, the second drug candidate, is under development for the treatment of colon cancer primarily. BAMLET is also in development for the treatment of oral cancer